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AGIR Galiza is an organization of students with a Galician Independent and anti-capitalist ideology. It’s an organization that has presence in different comarcas of Galicia and is made of only of active students. AGIR was created by the merger of four previous organization Independentist Student, the FER, the Galician Antifascist Students Assembly and CAMEM.

The majority of the Independence student militants abandoned AGIR due to the disagreement with the political line of the new organization. In the 2012 election to the student representative in the University of Santiago De Compostela AGIR gained its first seat in the university Council.

Agir defends public education in glacial language and not patriarchal, democratic and of quality. The organization fights against privatization and for an educational plan for Galiza, in Galician language and against sexism in the classroom. The organization is connected to Nós-Unidade Popular and especially to its youth wing, BRIGA.

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